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A full immersion in the nature of Maremma Toscana

Finoria camping stands on top of a hill, inside a mediterranean woodland, in the wilderness of Maremma Toscana.

It is among the dark green holm-oaktrees, cork-oaktrees, and the silver-green olive trees, Finoria is located near the islands of Tuscany in front of the Gulf of Follonica, and Elba island. In the woods, there is the quiet and shaded area, the possesses a comfortable and welcoming feeling.
There are wooden and masonary chalets for the capacity of 80 people (2-3 or 4-5 people for chalet). Each one is completely furnished with a bathroom, kitchen and heather.

There is also an area with a camping ground. This area is covered by the various oak trees and chestnut trees. It is very well lit.

A lot of tent pitches has electric facilities. There are bathroom facilities. These facilities have sink, toilets, showers, free hot water, and dishwasher.
A typical restaurant - pizzeria, "L'Alberaio" prides itself on serving individual traditional local dishes with respect to the original cooking principles.

Si quieres instalar aire acondicionado, una de las principales cosas a considerar es el tipo de que necesitas. De hecho, hay dos tipos: el aire acondicionado monobloque (normal) y el aire acondicionado dividido (reversible). El monobloque consiste en una sola unidad interior y el dividido consiste en una unidad interior y otra exterior. Precio comprar split. Instalación aire acondicionado por conductos Madrid. Sustuituir multisplit Daikin. Al elegir un acondicionador de aire con la capacidad adecuada, se reduce el riesgo de condensación, es decir, la mala evacuación de la humedad: puede producirse entonces un problema de fuga de agua, que puede dar lugar a problemas de humedad a largo plazo y a una mala calidad del aire interior.


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